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LIFT Open Market Shared Equity - Older Persons Application Form

This form has a maximum of 20 pages

Application Help Notes

Please take a few minutes to read over these help notes. To help us process your application as quickly as possible, please ensure you send copies of the documents we need. There are 3 ways you can submit your documentation to us.

1) If you can attach all these documents into 1 file you can upload them while completing this form.

2) You can email your documents through to  Please note the largest file size we can accept is 5MB. If your documents exceed this, please send them through in separate emails.

3) Documents can be posted to our office at Link Housing, Watling House, Callendar Business Park, Falkirk, FK1 1XR. Please note that this may delay your application being processed. Do not send original documents as we will not be able to return them.

If your partner will be residing with you as part of the household, their details MUST be provided as second applicant on the applicant form and relevant evidence provided. This also applies even if your mortgage will only be in one name.

Wages & income

If you are taking a mortgage towards your purchase we need to verify your total household income. This includes your partner (if you have one). For this we need copies of your last 3 monthly payslips, or last 12 if you are weekly paid. If you are self employed please provide a copy of your self assessment billing notice or receipt for the last financial year. If you receive any benefit payments (for example Working Family Tax Credit or Jobseeker’s Allowance) please provide a copy of your current award notice.


Please provide copies of bank statements or similar confirming any savings you have – this includes premium bonds, shares, ISAs or other savings accounts or note on the form any cash amounts you have or will receive from relatives for example.

Present accommodation

Please provide a copy of your tenancy agreement or lease. If you stay with a friend or relative please provide a letter from that person confirming you are resident at that address. If you own your current home and have a need to move to more suitable accommodation due to a disability, please provide details of its present value from your estate agent if it is on the market. We also need to see how much is outstanding with a redemption statement from your current lender.

We require details of why your present home is unsuitable, therefore please provide a letter from a health care professional (such as a doctor or occupational therapist) stating why your current home is unsuitable.

Mortgage offers

If you are over 60 years old, you are eligible to apply to the scheme without the requirement for a mortgage.  However you can take a mortgage if you wish to do so.

Please make sure you receive good independent financial advice when applying to the scheme as lending criteria may differ between the different lenders.

Please provide us with a copy of one mortgage offer in principle if you are wishing to take a mortgage.

Your email address

To allow us to send you an acknowledgement that we have received your application form, please provide your personal email address.  We will also use this address to correspond with you during the assessment process.  This email address should be for the applicant and not your financial advisor or Solicitors.

Further information

If you require any further information please contact us on 0330 303 0125 or by email at Further information is also available on the Scottish Government’s website: