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Link 2 Let - Application Form

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Application Guidance

Please note: Once you start this form you cannot save and return to it at a later time unless you click on the 'Register' link above and create an account. The form will time out if the page you are on is not completed within 10 minutes. If it times out and you have not created an account, all information will be lost and you will have to start the form again.

Please take a few minutes to read over these help notes. In order to process your application we will need to be provided with copies of various documentation (detailed below). To help us process your application as quickly as possible, please ensure you send copies of the documents we need (detailed below). We aim to allocate properties as soon as we are able and a delay in providing this documentation may mean that you miss out on the property.

There are 3 ways you can submit your documentation to us.

1) You can upload up to 8 separate documents as part of this online form.

2) You can email your documents through to  Please note the largest file size we can accept is 5MB. If your documents exceed this, please send them through in separate emails.

3) Documents can be posted to our office at Link Housing, Watling House, Callendar Business Park, Falkirk, FK1 1XR. Please note that this may delay your application being processed. Do not send original documents as we will not be able to return them.

Please ensure that all documents are easily readable. Also, please note that we do not accept screenshots or editable Word/Excel documents.

If your partner will be residing with you as part of the household, their details MUST be provided as second applicant on the application form and relevant evidence provided. 

Wages & income

To qualify for Link2Let, the monthly rent for the property must not exceed 45% of your monthly income after tax and credit commitments are deducted. A maximum income threshold has been set for each local authority area. Applications are not normally accepted for people who earn in excess of this. Please see the property advert for details of the threshold which applies for the property you are applying for. 

We need to verify your total household income. This includes your partner (if you have one) or any other adult earners within the household. For this we need copies of your last 3 monthly payslips, or last 13 if you are weekly paid. If you are self employed please provide a copy of your last year's accounts or most recent SA302 tax form.

If you receive any benefit payments (including Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit and Personal Independence Payment) please provide a copy of your current award notice. 

Bank Statements

Each applicant must provide copies of their previous 3 months complete bank statements showing both income and rent/mortgage payments where applicable. We will use these bank statements to look for evidence that you are able to effectively manage your money. Your application may be affected if there is evidence of (though not limited to): returned or missed payments; unauthorised overdraft usage; debt management programmes, or; use of short term 'pay-day' or high interest lending.  


Please provide a copy of official photographic identification, such as a Passport or Driving Licence. 

Your email address

To allow us to send you an acknowledgement that we have received your application form, please provide your personal email address.  We will also use this address to correspond with you during the assessment process.  

Further information

If you require any further information please contact us on 01324 417180 or by email at